Loss and bereavement

Loss and bereavement counselling

We all experience loss as we go through life. It is something we all come into contact with at some time.

If you have lost someone through death, the world as you know it is altered and it can be difficult to make sense of what is happening. The wide range of emotions we experience can be intense and overwhelming.

In a family each person is trying to deal with their own grief, as a result it can be difficult to support each other. Often family members also conceal their true feelings to protect those around them.

You can also experience loss of a thing, such as loss of your health, your job, or even loss of your youth. When you experience loss of a thing the feelings you have are similar to those experienced when someone dies and it is important you also grieve this loss.

Loss and bereavement

Adjusting to the change in life

If your grief feels like too much to bear, reach out for help. Through counselling we can offer you a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings. We can help you to grieve for what you have lost and adjust to the change in your life as a result.

Are you struggling with a loss, and does your grief feel like too much to bear?
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