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relationship counselling

Couples counselling

Are you looking for a couples counsellor in Manchester?

If you are experiencing relationship issues with your partner, it can be beneficial to meet with a professional. Relationship counselling or couples counselling is a form of talking therapy specifically designed to help two people within an intimate relationship.

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Relationship Issues

Being in relationship with others is a fundamental need we all have as human beings. When things go wrong in the relationship you have with the main significant person or people in your life you might feel lonely and isolated.

Relationship issues can vary considerably, depending on the nature of the relationship and the circumstances that have led to difficulties. We can help with various relationship issues such as:

✓ Affairs, adultery, cheating, infidelity
✓ Commitment issues
✓ Communication problems

✓ Divorce
✓ Family issues
✓ Love addiction
✓ Pre-marriage issues

✓ Separation
✓ Stay in or leave marriage / relationship
✓ Trust issues

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